Maghull High School Students In Conversation with Eva Schloss MBE for Anti-Bullying Week

In support  of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week, Year 8 students from Maghull High School were delighted to attend a virtual conference as part of The Anne Frank Trust UK’s Free To Be anti-bullying programme.  The experience put the students at the heart of exploring and finding solutions to prejudice-related bullying.   Anne Frank’s life and diary were the starting point for learning, with a talk from Eva Schloss MBE, Anne’s stepsister and a Holocaust survivor.   After listening to Eva, students were encouraged to think about how Anne Frank’s experiences still resonate in contemporary life.  They were encouraged to identify and understand the impact and effect of prejudice-based bullying and how to become positive agents for change.  The students who attended have signed a pledge to share the knowledge and understanding gained through this activity with the wider school population.  They were in awe of Eva Schloss and fascinated by the first-hand information she was able to share with them.  All at Maghull High School look forward to the continuation of their long-standing work with the Anne Frank Trust, to ensure that this important message is heard by all.



Stanley High School celebrates National Poetry Day 2020

Thursday 1st October was National Poetry Day. Our competition title this year was to ‘Capture the journey of 2020’ in the form of a poem. We were absolutely delighted to once again see so many creative entries from our talented students. Well done to Maya from Year 8 who has displayed her own personal journey through her poem ‘2020 The Rainbow Year…When time stood still’.


2020 The Rainbow Year… When Time Stood Still

2020 hasn’t been the best year,

My dog died in May – that didn’t bring cheer.

But still through all the bad that came our way,

We have some good memories and cherish those


I baked a lot more and learned how to sew,

I practiced my art and watched my skills grow.

I worked hard at a café and read lots more books,

My dad even taught me more things I could cook.

He opened his shop, The Whistle Stop Café,

It’s a wonderful place to spend all day.

I practiced piano, ukulele and guitar,

Wrote and learnt music that spoke to my heart.

I went out with my friends, we had a water fight,

I got soaking wet but I was alright.

I planted some flowers, spent time with my sister,

I even got to meet my auntie’s new mister.

2020 was hell, it started out bad,

Quarantine happened, but I’m actually glad.

Thoughts of round two do give us a scare,

But if it does- will it really be a nightmare?