Summer Schools helping our new Year 7 students to settle in


Greenbank High School

 The  Summer School at Greenbank High School lasted for 2 weeks and was attended by over 130 children who grew to know the school very well by the end!

We completed a range of activities which included a variety of sports in the sports hall and on our multI- purpose pitch , arts  and crafts in textiles , reading games , rocket launching to develop pupils love of STEM , scavenger orienteering hunt around the school , Just Dance in the Theatre  and a movie afternoon with  Ice lollies.  The pupils baked lots of biscuits , scones  and raspberry buns in the DT area.

Both weeks culminated on each Friday afternoon with a tea party for the parents and carers, which was warmly received, when the students were awarded certificates and prizes. It was fantastic to meet so many new parents and carers, for the children to make so many new friendships and meet  a large number of staff which will make their transition to high school so much easier.




Maghull High School


Maghull High School were delighted to welcome one hundred and sixty different students to their summer school this year.  The programme provided students with a variety of different lessons and activities and an opportunity to meet other new students and staff whilst familiarising themselves with their new environment before their start in September.

The focus was on physical and emotional wellbeing on day one and students enjoyed presentations from Bullybusters and the school’s Mental Health Support Team practitioners.  Students then participated in a range of physical activities, including dodgeball, basketball, softball, hockey, indoor archery and badminton.

Academic elements throughout the rest of the week saw students learning about tangrams in maths, using microscopes in science, cracking codes in English and completing insect inspired artwork which is to be displayed in science classrooms.

An excursion to Worden Park in Leyland was a highlight for many students and a great opportunity to make new friendships and connections that will stand them in good stead throughout the rest of year seven.



Stanley High School


We had a fantastic week at Stanley High School Summer School. We welcomed children for a week who are joining the Stanley Family as Year 7 in September 2022. Children had the opportunity to take part in many fun engaging activities including sports, cooking, team building, problem solving and science.


Science- Science was led by Miss Davenport and Mr Thorpe. Throughout the week within the science sessions, children took part in investigating the energy in different foods using Bunsen burners, testing foods like crisps. Miss Davenport set up a CSI ‘who dunnit ?’ CSI investigation, where the children had to use a wide variety of CSI techniques to determine who committed the crime? Was it Mr Thorpe???. The final science activity was extracting DNA from fruit. The children said they has a wonderful time in science, as they got to do the different activities in the science lab using equipment they had never used before, which was fun.

Teambuilding/problem solving– led by Miss Van Eker The children during summer school week took part in lots of fun quizzes, teambuilding activities and a treasure hunt around the school grounds. With the children, one of the activities that they loved was who could build the highest tower with just dried spaghetti and marshmallows?

Cooking- We hosted the great Stanley Bake off led by Miss Alyson. Children had the opportunity to make their own pizza. The children made their own dough and chose their own toppings from a selection of yummy choices. All the children said they loved baking and couldn’t wait to do some more baking in their food technology lessons in Year 7.

Sports- Children had the opportunity to take part in a variety of traditional and non-traditional sports across summer school week. We played football, hockey, basketball, badminton, seated volleyball, dodgeball, cricket, rounders, curling and boccia. The children had so much fun playing boccia and curling, as many of the children had never played these sports before.

All the children who attended summer school had a fantastic week. Children got to know their new school and teachers, but most of all new friendships were created, which was a joy to see.

Birkdale High School

We had another very successful Summer School at Birkdale this year supporting the transition process from year 6 to high school. The pupils participated in a variety of activities including English, maths, food tech, robotics, PE, art, drama and music. It allowed both staff to familiarise themselves with the new intake and for the boys to familiarise themselves in their new environment ready for the September start. Well done to all staff for all their hard work and well done to all pupils who were involved and we will look forward to the same again next year.