Our Approach to Wellbeing

As a Southport Learning Trust school we want to ensure that leaders, teachers and support staff are only devoting time to the
activity that make a difference for our students. Our teachers and support staff work incredibly hard but they need to maintain a
good work-life balance to support their well-being.

Our approach to Staff Well-being

Teaching and learning, planning and curriculum

• We trust teachers to decide the best approaches for their pupils.
• Teaching and learning policy is designed to allow subject specialists to teach in the way that works best for their
subjects and pupils.
• No need to write lesson plans of any kind.
• Schemes of work and resources are provided but they allow for teachers delivery style.
• 44/50 periods of teaching per fortnight maximum or at least 10% PPA time.
• A user friendly IT platform to support sharing, joint planning and reduce workload
• No pressure to ‘put on a show’ in lessons: a culture of typicality is reinforced by no lesson grading
• No teachers cover lessons unless they have requested to do so or if there was an emergency
• Senior Leadership Team cover regularly to support pupils during an absence and are always the first solution in an
• A culture that ensures pupils are respectful and eager to learn.
1 Behaviour
• Everyone has the highest expectations of behaviour, with all staff, not just teaching staff, reinforcing those expectations.
• Clear Behaviour Policy with guidelines which is applied consistently so all staff support each other.
• Middle and senior leaders support sanctions and behaviour management.
• Senior Leadership are visible and all staff have a presence.
• Senior Leadership run lunch duty to ensure high standards of behaviour.
• The vast majority of cover is completed by our own bank of cover staff to avoid too much change for pupils and ensure
expectations of behaviour are met and that work is completed to a high standard.

2 Assessment and reporting to parents

• Each school has their own Assessment Policy, with the aim of reducing workload but increasing effectiveness.
• Marking is for one audience only, the pupils.
• We never ask for any data to be entered twice.
• Simplified written reports to parents/carers.
• Minimal whole school data entries.
• Parents’ Evening appointments are made thoughtfully and refreshments provided for staff.
• Staff calendar of events are planned carefully giving consideration to workload.
Professional Development
• CPD tailored specifically to staff needs, which is based on their feedback.
• Time for staff to put new things into action.
• CPD is delivered as twilights with days off in lieu often resulting in an extended summer holiday.
• Non-hierarchical approach to professional development – there are things a senior leader can learn from a NQT and
vice versa.
• In-house experts on all aspects of educational practice such as examiners and experienced Faculty, Pastoral and
Subject leaders who wish to support the development of others…
• Targeted support plans for teachers who are struggling.
• Few meetings, with those that do take place doing so when they are needed – not just because they are on the
• Briefings are kept succinct and are held weekly
• We develop leadership positions at all levels through completion of the appropriate NPQs with school based projects
and an appropriate sponsor to support.
• Comprehensive support for NQTs, with dedicated mentors, regular meetings and study visits abroad.
• Development package for all staff at varying stages of their career. Staff can access training at other Trust schools.
• Performance Management is tailored to school, curriculum area and individual needs.
• SLT consider the impact on staff of any change.

3 We work hard, support and look after each other

• An expectation and support work in a way that suits you and make sure you make time for yourself and your family.
• No expectation of answering email outside school hours.
• We are constantly streamlining all systems and processes so they take less time.
• No tick box culture – never do anything if it’s not going to make a difference.
• We regularly talk to and survey staff to get their honest opinions about how to improve.
• Staffrooms for staff to interact with colleagues..
• A culture of compassion, praise, courtesy and support for each other
• Open-door Senior Leadership – no concern is ever too small.
• Regular staff social events out-of-school.
• Well-being package for all staff to support them in work and at home with a variety of services.
• In-school health events such as yoga.
• Cycle to work scheme.
• Occupational Health Support.
• Fully equipped fitness suite at Greenbank with Trust access.
• Performance Management includes a section on well-being.
• Seasonal events for everyone to show their less serious sides (for example, World Book Day, Christmas jumpers,
house activities etc.).
• Countless opportunities to get involved with the wider life of the school – Duke of Edinburgh, sports, productions and
study visits locally, nationally and abroad.
• Funding Facility Time for area based Trade Union Representation and training for Local School Based representatives.